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Teen Wolf 3×11 “Alpha Pact” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the newest episode of Teen Wolf.


Let’s take a look at the top ten moments from “Alpha Pact”!

1. Argents, Armed

The Argents head back to their suite, along with Stiles, and make a game plan. Figuring Jennifer is going to be sacrificing someone at the bank vault, they arm themselves and decide to find out if their theory is right. In the process, Stiles tells Papa Argent about Lydia’s abilities.

2. Shifting Allegiances

After everything that went down at the hospital, Isaac is finally pissed off at Derek enough to go off on him, piling on the guilt for turning a bunch of teenagers into werewolves in the first place. Isaac storms off, and Peter claims Isaac is only using anger to justify his switching allegiances.

While the popular theory was that he’d go straight to Scott, he actually ends up siding with The Argents.

the argents

3. Peter Hale, You Bastard

Shifty ass Uncle Peter convinces Derek to use the extra oomph of his alpha powers to fully heal Cora. However, dear uncle is tossing around some sideways glances and smirks as he waxes poetic about poor sweet Cora and how Derek is the only one who can save her – he’s obviously got something nefarious up his sleeve.

4. At the Vault

Isaac, Allison, and Papa Argent head for the vault while Stiles hunts down Lydia. When the trio get there, Allison’s dad incapacitates the kids and offers himself up to Jennifer as a “true” sacrifice. Allison is understandably heartbroken that her father has been taken like the other parents.

She doesn’t have to worry alone, because Isaac quickly (perhaps too quickly) moves in to console her.

5. Peter Hale, You Bastard Pt. 2

After telling Derek what to do, Peter goes into defense mode. He explains that saving Cora will mean Derek losing his Alpha status. He fears that this is what Jennifer wanted all along (for Derek to need her to help him in the upcoming Alpha battle), but Derek now gives zero shits about power and just wants his sister healed.



6. Lydia, the Make Out Savior

Stiles has found Lydia and they’re walked down the hallways when he gets a text saying Papa Argent has gone missing. Cue panic attack.

Lydia drags him into the locker room (all the big shit goes down in there, doesn’t it?) and lays one on him to calm him down. “Something something, to make you hold your breath,” she justifies – but I think the audience is well aware what’s really going on.

7. The Counselor’s Office

Fresh off their kissing session, Lydia and Stiles head for Ms. Morrell’s office. She’s not there (but her hilarious three ‘o clock appointment is). Stiles and Lydia rifle through Lydia’s file and find one of her tree drawings, and Stiles somehow realizes it isn’t the top of a tree, but the roots of one.

Stile sends Lydia to Derek with the info that the parents are in the root cellar of the Celtic tree, while he fends off questions from the FBI guy who has just sauntered into town.

8. Ms. Morrell and Scott in the Forest

Scott and Deucalion join up with the rest of the Alpha Pack, who is hunting Ms. Morrell (to find out what she knows about Jennifer). When they catch up to her, she reveals that Deucalion purposefully killed Ennis in order to gain more power. This gets her a spear wound to the shoulder, and aid from Scott – who won’t let anyone kill her.



9. The Sheriff’s Story

While trapped in the root cellar, Papa Stilinski tells the others about the night his wife died: he came on scene to a car crash and, knowing the woman would die before the ambulance arrived, held her hand to comfort her. The woman ended up having a vision of sorts and told him to go be with his wife.

But because he figured she couldn’t possibly have any kind of supernatural powers or knowledge like that, he ignored her warning. It was only after that that he learned his wife, Claudia, had died, and only Stiles was there with her.

10. Rituals Galore

Derek goes through with his plan to save Cora, while Scott, Stiles, and Allison decide to do a ritual of their own, under the supervision of the vet. They will be submerged in an ice bath and held under until they die. This will connect them to their parents and reveal the location of the root cellar to them.

Then, Lydia, the vet, and Isaac will “bring them back” from the dead. Before they go under, Stiles drops a bombshell: Scott’s dad is in town – he’s the FBI guy who grilled Stiles before!


Okay, I was starting to worry about this show. However, this episode got things back on track in a great way. The Alpha Pack and Darach story lines are still incredibly weak, but this week’s focus on the emotional side of things going into next week’s finale was a great choice.

Plus, any cracks in the main plot were easily ignored this week, since everything is winding down and the tension is being built nicely.

Rating: A-

Check out a preview for next week’s mid-season finale: