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Rizzle Kicks’ “Lost Generation” Music Video

I’ve had a soft spot for Rizzle Kicks ever since seeing their music video for “Down With The Trumpets” (in which they pretended to play on a mouthpiece-less trumpet, to my infinite glee). A hip-hop duo from England, Rizzle Kicks released their debut album, Stereo Typical, on October 31, 2011. After a two year wait they’re finally due to release their second album, Roaring 20s, on September 2, 2013 – and their lead single off the album now has a music video.

The clip focuses in on certain aspects of our “lost” generation, such as reality television, addiction to social media, patriarchy, hashtags, and more. The song is beyond catchy, and the adorableness of the music video has got my heartbeat runnin’ away. Can these guys get mega-famous over here in the States already?

You can preorder Roaring 20s here.

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