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Graceland 1×10 “King’s Castle” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the newest episode of Graceland.


Another week, another episode of Graceland. Check out the top eight moments from this week’s episode!

1. Bad Briggs

Drunk and freaking out, Briggs drives the fresh body out into the desert and buries it, still neglecting to realize that he’s placing an FBI agent six feet under – not the real Jangles. To calm himself down afterward, he goes for a bit of existential surfing.

2. Jakes Turns… One Year Older

Back from his hospital stay, Mike runs into Paige, who acts nice and frosty toward him. Luckily, she hasn’t told anyone else, so Johnny wants help planning a party for Jakes (strippers galore). Mike goes to bed and Charlie is consumed with pumping Bello for Odin information, leaving Johnny to plan on is own.

3. Mike Gets Made

Instead of forcing the information out of Bello, Charlie decides it’s a good idea to send Mike in undercover to get Bello to play nice. Bello is happy to see him, right up until MIke is visited by Charlie (Briggs busted everything open by scheduling a meet in visitation with Bello.) Now Bello knows about Mike’s deceit and is majorly pissed.

4. Jakes is Thwarted

Jakes seems adamant about his “no birthday” wish, since he sneaks into Johnny’s room and cancels a bounce house order. Johnny is undeterred, though, orders the house again, and even measures dimensions for placing it in the living room.

5. Mike and Paige Have It Out

Mike comes back from an FBI meeting with the knowledge that Briggs might have done away with Badillo. Paige pulls him away from Jakes party and he finally fills her in on everything. She’s horrified, naturally, especially to learn that Briggs might be a murderer. She doesn’t believe it, and tells Mike to prove it.

6. Jakes Drinks

Jakes avoids the party by going to a bar, where he runs into the guy his ex is currently with. They talk, and it convinces Jakes that he needs to fight for what he wants so he doesn’t end up alone. But, is he going to fight for his friends, or for the woman he left alone with their child? He goes with the terrible option and tries to make up with the ex. Things don’t go well.

7. Poor, Sweet Stripper

The party gets dismantled by Charlie, but one stripper stays and pals around with Johnny. Jakes comes home and throws a few punches Johnny’s way, misplacing his familial anger. The stripper is understandably freaked and bounces, while Johnny makes an impassioned speech to the whole house about how he views them as family, since they have to deal with the worst of humanity daily.

8. Mike Comes Clean

Sick of the lies, Mike finally comes clean to Briggs about everything. Briggs plays it cool, and manages to convince Mike that he’s innocent. Mike still needs to find Badillo’s car, though, and while he does that, Briggs figures out that the man he killed was Badillo.


The last few episodes have been pretty much blending together for me. However, that’s not really a bad thing, it’s just a sign of how the show has almost completely dropped the episodic nature of its first half. Everything is progressing at a nice speed (Teen Wolf season 3 could stand to learn this lesson) and everything appears to be heading toward an explosive showdown.

Rating: A-

Here’s a preview for the next episode, in two weeks: