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FIFA 14 Soundtrack Countdown Pt. 3

The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA is just under a month away and anyone who’s watched any of the previews has re-adjusted their jaw from the floor numerous times already. 3D fans in the stadiums? COUNT ME IN!

Besides the annual graphical and gameplay updates, FIFA fans also have a new soundtrack to look forward to. EA has yet to release the complete list of songs that will appear in this year’s game so, in anticipation of FIFA 14′s soundtrack, we present our favorite tracks from previous installments.

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FIFA 2002

Gorillaz – “19/2000 (Soulchild remix)”

This one was easy! Artist Damon Albarn’s (then) new collaborative project, Gorillaz, caught us all by wonderful surprise and took control of hearts and ears. What wasn’t a surprise, then, was EA’s inclusion of one of the band’s hit singles in the game. The song was also the official theme of the game. Albarn & Co.’s track is a wonderful deviation from a soundtrack that was still plagued by techno and breakbeats.

FIFA 2003

Dax Riders – “Real Fonky Time”

Besides techno and all that Euro stuff, French House was also pretty big during the first decade of the new millennium. You’d be wrong to think that Daft Punk were the only ones bringing up the bass and funk though. Dax Riders (Oliver Dax, Cédric Azencoth, and Nicolas Berger Vachon) were also on the French House train. “Real Fonky Time” sounds like a b-side from George Clinton’s Parliament of Funk era what with the rubber band-ish bass lines and funky-robot vocoder action.

FIFA 2004

Radiohead – “Myxomatosis”

Finally! This was it! The turning point in FIFA soundtracks! The electronic music was still there but it was sprinkled alongside a great variety of music. Nestled alongside the requisite electronic tunes were rock, alternative, and dance songs and they were great ones too! I dare say this was the first true FIFA soundtrack created thanks to heavyweights such as Timo Maas and Underworld appearing alongside Cafe Tacuba, The Ravonettes, The Stone Roses, Junior Senior, not to mention the short-lived but very much loved Tribalistas.

In the end, it came down to Radiohead for the simple fact a group like them and sports don’t typically mix. Imagine Radiohead appearing on a Madden soundtrack…yeah, not gonna happen but it happened here!

Written by: Afroxander