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FIFA 14 Soundtrack Countdown Pt. 1

The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA is just under a month away and anyone who’s watched any of the previews has re-adjusted their jaw from the floor numerous times already. 3D fans in the stadiums? COUNT ME IN!

Besides the annual graphical and game-play updates, FIFA fans also have a new soundtrack to look forward to. EA has yet to release the complete list of songs that will appear in this year’s game so, in anticipation of FIFA 14’s soundtrack, we present our favorite tracks from previous installments.


The Crystal Method – “Busy Child”

The 90s were defined by two particular items: flannel shirts (re: grunge rock) and keyboards (re: breakbeat hardcore, drum & bass, other electronic styles). One of the best and most defining artists of that era is The Crystal Method – AKA Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. The duo was at the forefront of an electronic music explosion, filled with keyboards, samplers, and beats, alongside The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and others.

“Busy Child” is off their most popular and best-selling albumĀ Vegas named after their hometown. Give it a spin. It still holds up great today. In fact, I’ll take this over Doctor P or Cookie Monsta any day of the week!


Wizard Of Oh – “Terminal Intensity”

This installment contained enough songs to be counted on one hand but it’s this break-beat hardcore track by Wizard Of Oh (Omar Santana) that stands out. Fluke’s “Absurd” and Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping” are obvious products of their time that just don’t hold up on any playlist other than a 90s party nostalgia bender while Boymerang’s “Soul Beat Runna” just sort of exists.

“Terminal Intensity” is also an obvious product of its time (test it out by playing this to any techno fanatic and they’ll probably guess the year it was released) but a damn good product nonetheless.

FIFA ’99

Lionrock – “Rude Boy Rock”

FIFA ’99 had many classic tracks by some great artists. Fatboy Slim was in there along with Danmass, Dylan Rhymes, God Within, and Gearwhore. My ears and heart, however, belong to big beat group Lionrock’s “Rude Boy Rock.” It stands out for the fact that it sounds nothing at all like big beat/breakbeat hardcore but is instead an old-school ska/dancehall jam. The group released two albums before calling it quits.

Written by: Afroxander