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“Bunheads” Cast Shoots Final Dance

Well, as you well know, Bunheads was officially canceled.  We’ll never get to see any resolution to the stories laid out in the first season. Those of you hoping for some sort of fan-funded Kickstarter venture will have to keep on waiting (I have heard nothing of the sort on that front, but it would be amazing).

However, in an effort to bring some sort of emotional closure – if not closure in regard to character and plot – creator Amy Sherman-Palladino shot a final dance with the crew from the show, including various recurring characters and stars.

Actresses Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), Bailey Buntain (Ginny), and Jeanine Mason (Cozette) feature heavily in the piece, and bring back bits and pieces from some of their signature dances.

It may not have been the farewell fans were hoping for, but at least it’s some sort of goodbye.

What do you guys think of this final dance?