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Bad Robot Productions: “Stranger” Teaser

Ahoy there! I say “ahoy” because this post has to do with the sea. What a connection!

Well, The J.J. Abrams Machine (officially known as production company Bad Robot) has churned out a teaser for a new project. The short clip is called Stranger, but the project it’s for is being kept under wraps.

My thoughts on the teaser went something like this:

Well, this is mysterious, but kind of pleasant. Good music. Hazy visuals, not surprising – oh, someone was tied up. Okay. Still hazy, getting hazier… this hazy gray ball is just going to fade to black isn’t it …NOPE. That is a face! We have a tight-lipped face! 

That’s right, this teaser utilized the classic “we will play calm, contemplative music until something horrible happens” switcheroo.

Abrams is no stranger to mysterious teasers: In the past, with both Super 8 and Cloverfield, we got little bits and bobs of new footage long before we knew at all what the films would be about.

This, whatever it is, looks to be doing exactly that, which is worrisome. I’ve never found the solution to the “mysteries” provided in these teases nearly as interesting as the speculation. I’m hoping the answer might fair better this time around.