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Music Appreciation: Zack Hemsey

I have never and will never claim to be “with the times.” I’m a Giles at heart – while I use the internet and call myself a man of the 21st century, I do so with the knowledge that my skills regarding Facebook and Twitter are decidedly lacking and just plain laughably awful.

Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that I don’t use things like “Pandora” and “Spotify” (think of the old man from Up saying these names, and you’ll understand me on a deeper level). Instead, I stumble around on the fringes of the internet, bumping into various Bandcamps and finding fresh artists to listen to.

So on my latest blind grasp for new music, I managed to find someone who’s been around since the mid-2000s.  His name is Zack Hemsey and he’s known best for a song featured in an Inception trailer. See, now my long and rambling opening paragraphs start to make sense (because Inception came out centuries ago in World Wide Web years).

I’m sorry if this is old news that everyone has already figured out except me, but one of his songs, “Mind Heist,” was featured in a trailer for the Christopher Nolan-directed film and is commonly attributed to composer Hans Zimmer.

It’s not a surprising mix up, since his other stuff sounds incredibly professional and epic. So far, I’ve only listened to one of his albums, The Way, but I found it amazing. Most of the songs are classic score stuff – epic, choir-filled, and orchestral. However, there are occasional dips into electro and hip-hop.

His music has been featured in trailers for various movies, including The Town, The Lone Ranger, and Lincoln. He’s also got several other albums out that I’m going to check out as soon as I’m done writing this post: Ronin, Finding Home, and The Home of a People.