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An Evicted Juror Will Return On “Big Brother 15”


On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, an evicted juror will return to the game after battling it out in a yet unknown competition.

One of these evicted jurors include Candice Stewart, former Miss Louisiana USA who was the victim of much bullying and racism by fellow Big Brother contestants Aaryn Griers, Amanda Zuckerman, and Gina Marie Zimmerman. Candice was the first African-American woman to win the title of Miss Louisiana USA.

Ironically, two of the people who have made and continue to make racially derogatory remarks about Candice – Aaryn and Gina Marie – have both competed in the pageant world. Gina Marie was working as a pageant coordinator before she and Aaryn were fired from their respective jobs (Aaryn was dropped by two modeling agencies) for making racially derogatory remarks Week 1 of this year’s Big Brother.

The 34-minute long video below shows various Big Brother houseguests’ treatment of Candice:

This video contains clips from “Big Brother,” both aired and live feeds of bullying against Candice Stewart.

It was created in order to shed light on Candice Stewart’s experience in the Big Brother house. We attempted to define what certain forms of bullying she experienced were, outside of being racism. Candice Stewart being a part of the minority in the house when it comes to People of Color hardly had an ally that understood what she went through, outside of Howard Overby. So this video is made to show that we understand Candice, and we are here for her.

This is a shortened version of the bullying, yes, shortened.

Was racism really responsible for Candice’s eviction?


– KeepingItReal

While two weeks have passed since Candice’s eviction from the Big Brother house at the hands of Gina Marie – one of the more unstable houseguests who has gone so low as to belittle Candice over her adoption (“She’s such a degenerate that her own mom didn’t even want her.”) – she continues to be brought up in conversation, often and usually in a negative way.

The other evicted jurors competing are Judd Daughtery, Jessie Kowalski, and tonight’s evicted houseguest – which looks to be the oldest houseguest, Helen Kim, whose famous words include “you know,” “it’s not time yet,” and “next week.”

BB15 has been derided as one of the worst, if not the worst, seasons of Big Brother ever. It has been plagued by racism, homophobia, misogyny, and extreme bullying.

Julie Chen talked about the controversy on her CBS talk show, The Talk. She has mentioned time and time again that she is disgusted by the comments made by these houseguests, and despite being married to the head of the network – Leslie Moonves, CBS has not stepped in.

Will you be watching Big Brother tonight? Which evicted juror would you like to see come back? Sound off on the comments below.