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Underrated Artist: Wintersleep


A couple years ago, I was looking to fill a gap in my life that had previously been filled by Fringe.

This was around the third season of the show, and it was during either a summer of winter hiatus (I’m sorry my memory is so bad), so there was  a large chunk of time when the show wasn’t airing and I was lost in the deepest, most agonizing way possible. Over dramatic? Nah, I don’t think so.

So, to fill the gap, I tried looking for other things the cast had appeared in, figuring just seeing their smiling/weeping/angry faces acting in something would ease my pain. Naturally, I searched for things that starred Joshua Jackson, and since I wasn’t about to watch the entirety of the Dawson’s Creek series – for reasons that should be obvious – I settled on a little indie movie he did called One Week.

The movie itself wasn’t all that great, but it did help me discover a new artist. Being me, the second I heard an unfamiliar song I liked in a movie, I had to pause the film and go searching for the song (this was either before the Shazam app or I was even less tech savvy than I am now and had no idea it existed). The songs listed below are part of the reward I got for that initial search.

Weighty Ghost

Cut the demons out of my head
You can’t kill something that’s already dead
Just leave my soul alone I don’t need no surgery

This is the song that started it all. Playing during during a travel montage through a scenic forest, the song illustrates the existential crisis Jackson’s character goes through. However, I’d really like to not focus on that movie since it was kind of crappy. Instead, I’ll focus on the song itself and say this: I enjoy it.

Experience the Jewel

A big black cloud of smoke
You can’t grip it by the charcoal throat
You can’t sing it like a song you wrote
It’s bigger than you

You’d think a song about disconnection and a crisis of who you are would seem pretty dark. Well, that’s before you hear this song, which goes much more grim in sound and lyric. A bleak melody is accompanied by ambiguous lyrics about being consumed by…something. It could be a myriad of things, but I’d rather not think too hard about what “it” could be.


Light rains and meteors
Holes in the universe
Crayons and scribblers
Infinite bellies burst

After the last two tracks it sure is nice to have something that just sounds nice and catchy and…wait, why are you singing about oblivion? Crap, this isn’t uplifting at all, is it? Of course not, this band seems incapable of anything happy. Continuing with their trend of the dismal, they appear to tackle society’s tendency to ignore world issues this time around.

Jaws of Life

Hold me like a child
In your warm warm arms
Whisper parables
Keep me safe from harm

I’ve since learned that, when it comes to this band, I can’t trust the feel of the song to figure out what it’s about. This time around, though, the title does a pretty good job of explaining it. Yup, it’s about life…and death, naturally.

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Well, that’s all for Wintersleep. What do you think? Are there any bands you feel are underrated that we should check out? Let us know in the comments!