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Robin Thicke’s “Give It 2 U” feat. Kendrick Lamar

What I’ve heard of Robin Thicke’s work – which admittedly isn’t a whole lot – has not really been my “thing”. The first single off his latest album, both of which are called Blurred Lines, is catchy as all hell, but some of the more problematic lyrics and the controversy surrounding the music video makes me wary of it (though that’s a story for possibly another time).

Long story short, I only listened to “Give It 2 U” because I heard Kendrick Lamar was on it.

Hey girl, you know you’re lookin’ so damn fine
You’re lookin’ like you fell from the sky
You know you make a grown man cry

In my completely and totally unbiased opinion that’s not at all affected by my love for everything Kendrick Lamar does, Kendrick’s verse is a little too short, but Thicke’s upbeat falsetto and cheesy pick-up line lyrics manages to carry the rest of the track. This is basically just a fun, bubbly pop song with a lot of amusing dick references. Conclusion: I don’t love it, but it’s an alright listen.

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is set to drop at the end of the month, on July 30th.

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Thoughts on the song? Were you like me and only clicked “play” because you saw K-Dot’s name, or are you a die hard Robin Thicke fan? Let me know in the comments!