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Mixed Blood Majority’s “Still Standing Still” Music Video

Justify the crime rate, guilty as a jailbird sneaking down the fire escape
Black hand salute, what’s the use in gettin’ irate? Nothing
Futile revolution stuck half awake
Master pun, fractal, half undone and so on
Nuance lost on a pack of vandals subsuming the protoplasmic
Mass sucking their categories stupid
Can’t stop now man, we’re used to it.

The underground hip-hop group known as Mixed Blood Majority just dropped the music video for “Still Standing Still” off their self-titled album. Consisting of No Bird Sing’s Joe Horton, Doomtree’s Lazerbeak, and Kill The Vultures’ Crescent Moon, Mixed Blood Majority’s style is somehow both frenetic and chill at the same time, with complex lyrics laced with socially conscious and philosophical musings.

The music video is pretty minimalistic, showcasing the three artists packed into a small room in front of a spotlight, just doing their thing under a black-and-white filter.

Liked what you heard? Get the Mixed Blood Majority album for yourself on their Bandcamp page, and check out No Bird Sing, Doomtree, and Kill The Vultures  for more great hip-hop.