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“Community” Tidbits from Comic-Con

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Comic-Con seems to be a magical place (I wouldn’t actually know, I’ve never been).

Not only do you get to dress up (not that I would) and meet famous people (I’d probably be too scared to introduce myself), but, if you’re lucky, you’ll find out all sorts of spoilers on your favorite shows.

Community was at the Con this year, and Dan Harmon has dropped some hints about what’s coming up in the fifth and possibly final season of the show.

Donald Glover’s Absence Will Definitely Be Felt

When I first heard Donald Glover would only be appearing in five episodes of the fifth season, I figured they’d be spread out, so that – since the year will only have 13 episodes – his missing presence wouldn’t be felt too much.

However, he’s apparently showing up in the first five episodes and then bidding the show adieu.

While this does make sense from a production standpoint (it would be very obvious to casual fans what’s going on if the rest of the cast was constantly throwing out casual remarks about the random trips to Alaska Troy was making) it also means that he’s going to be fully written out of the show, which is sad.

New Characters Might be on the Horizon

Okay, if you didn’t already know, I spoiled you about Glover’s departure in the last bullet point. But there’s also the matter of Chevy Chase being written out of the show late last season.

The final episodes of season four suggest that Chang would be joining the gang full-time in the wake of that departure. However, there will be another gap to fill come winter, and Harmon is supposedly still considering whether new faces need to be added to the study group.

A big move like that could prove interesting, but I’m willing to bet that it will receive a whole lot of resistance from fans.

Jeff’s Back at Greendale

While not as acclaimed as the previous season, four did handle a pretty big milestone. It graduated Jeff (and Pierce). Now Harmon is saying that he wants Jeff back at Greendale.

Many fans already suspected Jeff would stick around the ever-underachieving school, but in a teaching capacity. However, Harmon seems to want Jeff back in school as a student, since he’s said that he wants Mr. Winger at the study table.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. While season four was lacking in many aspects, this is probably the one area where I would have commended the showrunners.

I’ll admit that it was kind of odd how suddenly it happened, with zero fanfare, but Jeff graduating kept a spark of realism to the show (yes, I’m aware I’m talking about Community here) and opened up some interesting character possibilities for the newly-minted lawyer.

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What are you hoping for from Community season five?