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Character Appreciation: Allison Argent from “Teen Wolf”

The next fictional character on our appreciation list is Allison Argent, played by the lovely Crystal Reed. Allison started out as the love interest for newly turned werewolf Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Over the course of the series, Allison has grown into her own, individual person. These are the reasons why we love her oh-so much:

A is for Arrows


As the daughter of werewolf hunters, Allison is still learning the ropes about what it all means. But her signature weapon of choice is her bow and arrows.

She’s managed to take down several werewolves with those arrows, including the Alpha pack werewolf team as seen in “Frayed,” the fifth episode of season 3. It’s not just the arrows that make Allison such a fledgling badass, however. It’s her conviction to do whatever it takes to protect her friends and it’s that resolve that ultimately led her to save Scott & co. in the episode I just mentioned.

L is for Love


Allison has a lot of loved ones in her life – among them is Scott, her boyfriend and love interest for most of the series. The duo’s romance has been continuing since season 1 and they’ve certainly had their ups and down, breakups and un-breakups.

For most of season 2, Scott and Allison had to keep their romantic relationship a secret from her parents because The Argents, coming from werewolf hunter ancestry, disapproved of their only child dating a werewolf. The two had an amicable breakup in the season 2 finale after Allison went a little cray-cray.

Despite this, the pair are inexplicably drawn to each other. But it’s the kind of teen relationship angst I can get on board with.

L is for Loss


Yes, Allison has a lot of loved ones, but she’s also gone through major periods of loss. Two of her loved ones are dead – her sadistic and seemingly put-together aunt, Kate, and her “will-scare-you-shitless” mother, Victoria.

In season 2, after Kate had died, Allison had to contend with the fact that she was grieving for someone who was essentially a murdering psychopath. Kate had set fire to Derek’s childhood home, killing almost all of his family members. After her mother died, Allison went on the warpath – thanks to lots of manipulation from her grandfather, Gerard – and a lot of fans turned against Allison.

Eventually, Allison came to her senses but then – in season 3 – she found out that her mother had tried to kill Scott and that’s how Derek ended up giving her that fatal scratch that would lead Victoria to killing herself due to the werewolf hunter “code of honor.”

I is for Imperfect


Allison might be a badass but she’s also a teenage girl whose dealt with too much heartache and death in the family – the biggest one being her mother. Allison’s mom has appeared postmortem at least twice now as a figment of Allison’s imagination. In “Frayed,” there’s a great scene with Allison as she attempts to save Scott’s life and imagines her mother standing over her shoulder, criticizing her and then guiding her.

Allison doesn’t always do the right thing and she doesn’t always come barreling in on her white horse to save the day. She makes mistakes and tries to make up for them and those imperfections is what makes Allison such a relatable character.

S is for Style



We’ve talked about Allison’s sense of style before. This season, Allison is sporting a new hairdo. It’s much shorter than her hair in seasons 1 and 2, and while I wasn’t a fan of it at the start, it’s definitely starting to grow on me.

O is for Outspoken


Allison isn’t afraid to speak her mind and she’s certainly not afraid to call Derek out on his bullshit. After she set a rabid Boyd and Cora free in order to save Scott’s life, she was met with some harsh words from Derek. She threw it back at him, though. “I am not the one turning teenagers into killers!”

N is for “Normal”


Allison is a human, meaning she’s not endowed with supernatural strength, senses, or healing. Therefore, she has to rely on her skills and training more than ever when up against a werewolf. Without her bow and arrows, she’s pretty vulnerable (like the time she was stuck in a closet with a wolfed out Isaac) and this puts her at a disadvantage compared to Scott and the other Beacon Hills werewolves.

Nevertheless, Allison is shrewd and intelligent, and she’s certainly not going to abandon Scott and her friends in their time of need, so she asserts herself in the fight in “Frayed” the best way she knows how – by staying off to the side until the time is right and then giving Scott & co. the leverage they need to continue fighting the Alpha pack.

This most recent episode of Teen Wolf – “Motel California” – showed that when Allison works with the other two main humans in Scott’s crew – Stiles and Lydia – the trio can still get shit done without Scott and the other werewolves.

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