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Weekly Pop Culture Picks #4

June 16 – June 22, 2013

Once more, we bring you our Weekly Pop Culture Picks.

The Outs

Photo: Jay Gillespie

Photo: Jay Gillespie

Hera: This week, I want to revisit a Web series that Max wrote about because on Friday I finally sat down to watch all 7 episodes, including a special Chanukah episode featuring Alan Cumming (X2The Good Wife), of The Outs.

The series, directed and conceived by Adam Goldman, centers on the aftermath of a messy break-up. Mitchell (Goldman) and Jack (Hunter Canning) process the break-up in different ways, but it all boils down to the show’s tagline: “Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you’re over it.”

I’m not kidding when I say this show is masterfully executed. Canning’s soulful face and measured performance won me over right away, and Adam Goldman’s brilliance comes through in his writing and directing. Funny, complicated, and entirely relatable, the characters are a breath of fresh air from the depiction of pre-professional twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn as bitterly unlikable and slovenly dressed (see: Girls). It’s also nice to see gay characters portrayed in a realistic way, dealing with normal, everyday problems.

If you’re a fan of emotional comedies that do drama well, then you must watch The Outs. (They’ve got a pretty amazing soundtrack, as well.)

Hannibal Finale

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Max: I was a fan of the show right after the first episode aired, but it really got me when the second episode proved it wasn’t going to follow the typical structure of the crime procedural (thank goodness, since that first episode was a bit light on actual case solving).

Ever since, it’s one-upped itself, and while I still don’t feel like some of the one-off cases really provided much of anything, the character work and the over-arching mysteries have been more than enough to prove that a reboot of this franchise was validated.

The finale took things to completely new heights, and based on what we’ve seen so far, I expect the status quo of this show to change dramatically going forward. And did everyone see that final scene? While an obvious choice in retrospect, reversing the famous “meeting Dr. Lecter” scene at the very end – by placing Will in the cell instead of the cannibal doctor – was genius. (Damn good music, too).

Plus, come on, how can I be blamed for loving this show, when Bryan Fuller is involved. I like Dead Like Me and didn’t-love-didn’t-hate Wonderfalls, but Hannibal is currently neck and neck with Pushing Daises for my favorite Fuller show.

Food Network Fires Paula Deen

Photo: The Huffington Post

Photo: The Huffington Post

Christine: I’m gonna have my PCP be someone else’s failures – namely, Paula Deen’s television show getting canceled by the Food Network after a racism scandal. Deen has reportedly used racial slurs, made racist jokes, and played around with the idea of hiring an all black staff to wait on her like a “real Southern plantation wedding.”


She was scheduled for an exclusive interview on the Today show on Friday to address these comments, but she ended up not showing, citing exhaustion after traveling to New York.

Though she’s since made several public apologies for what she’s said, none of them really ring true to me, and I was glad to hear that Deen’s contract wasn’t going to be renewed. It gives me a special sort of glee.

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