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Selma Blair Let Go from “Anger Management”


Well, it’s official, after a couple days of battling it out with co-star Charlie Sheen over his work ethic, Selma Blair has officially been kicked off FX sitcom Anger Management.

Having co-starred as Sheen’s therapist and sometimes sex-friend, her stint on the show lasted about two years. She’s going to be replaced with a new, but similar female character and production apparently won’t be affected greatly.

If you know anything about Sheen, you’ll know his history with starring in television shows (hint: it’s not positive) and for popularizing the catchphrase “winning” for a short period of time.

After a very public meltdown, Sheen was fired from his previous show Two and Half Men (what a tragedy), and went on to star on his new program. While it didn’t fair well critically, despite early anticipation, the show did manage to snare an unprecedented 90-episode second season, to air over two years.

While it may not be a surprise that Sheen’s show isn’t critically admired, it may be surprising that Blair, much more likely to be seen in lesser-known indie-fair, co-starred.

Having just re-watched one of Blair’s movies, Hellboy, I found this news to be very coincidental (don’t ask me why, I find coincidence in the most mundane things). That’s really the only reason I found this story even remotely interesting to begin with, since I haven’t seen Sheen’s new show, and have no real desire to.

However, the news of Blair’s ousting prompted enough gumption for me to check out some of her scenes on the show. Here are a couple I found:

If you’re anything like me, those clips didn’t spark a desire to binge-watch any episodes of this show, and I’d have to say Blair getting to move on is probably going to be a blessing in disguise.

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What do you think about Anger Management? If you like it, will Selma’s Blair’s firing affect your desire to continue watching? Let us know!