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“Let Nas Down” Remix feat. Nas

Dude. Do you know what that is? That is a remix of “Let Nas Down,” arguably one of the best songs on J. Cole’s latest album titled “Born Sinner” – and it’s featuring Nas, dude.

The original track had J. Cole expressing his own disappointment in himself, feeling that he let one of his idols down with watered down and radio-friendly song “Work Out” from J. Cole’s debut album. In the near three-minute remix linked above, Nas raps over J. Cole’s original beat, letting the other rapper know that he didn’t let Nas down at all with lyrics like:

While you was writing down my rhymes I was just trying to show you
That if you say what’s on your mind, you can stand the test of time
Now I’m playing Born Sinner loud, saw you live, rock the crowd
Like wow, you made your n—a Nas proud

One great beat, two great songs, and two fantastic artists sharing good vibes with one another. I can hardly contain my joy.

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