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Most Shocking Moments of the 2012-13 TV Season


If you haven’t caught up all on your TV shows and you avoid spoilers like the plague, then stop reading right now. Just… back away slowly.

1. The Red Wedding


If you read the “Song of Ice and Fire” book or were privy to any spoilers, then this didn’t come as a shock to you. But a huge chunk of the Game of Thrones audience lost their minds after “Rains of Castamere.” The Starks were completely wiped out – Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn, all dead, leaving the younger Stark children without a lot of hope. And it was so brutal, thanks in part to Michelle Fairley’s brilliant, emotional performance. There are people who are still trying to recover from that episode and I can’t blame them.

2. “Dad?” 


Scandal‘s season finale left us on a huge cliffhanger. This is after we found out that Billy Chambers is alive and was working as the mole (leaking top-secret White House information) and David Rosen was acting as a double agent for both Billy and Olivia. In the season finale, it was revealed that the whole world now knows about Olivia’s affair with the POTUS. (We have no idea who leaked that info to the press and Mellie is too obvious as a suspect.) Oh, and the director of that super-secret CIA operative group? The one that tried to have Olivia killed and sent one of his agents to seduce her? That’s her dad! I have to say, that explains a lot about Olivia’s bad choice in men.

3. Irene Adler is Moriarty 


Some of you may have already figured it out before the big reveal, but Elementary revealed in its 2-hour finale that the elusive Moriarty – the one who supposedly killed the love of Sherlock’s life – happened to be said love of Sherlock’s life herself. Irene Adler revealed that she was Moriarty and that she had faked her death. This is a show that doesn’t hesitate to think outside the box, since casting an Asian-American woman as Watson and a transgender woman as Ms. Hudson (Sherlock’s landlady in the canonical universe). So casting a woman as Moriarty and merging the character with Irene Adler only makes sense.

4. Karen’s hit-and-run


Karen’s return to Shameless upset Lip and Mandy’s fledgling romance, and Mandy made sure to quickly fix that… by attempting to murder Karen. Episode 9 of Season 3 closed out with Karen running out to meet Lip, after receiving a text from his phone. It was revealed that the text was sent by Mandy in order to lure Karen out into the streets. Then, suddenly, Karen became the victim of a hit-and-run and it was revealed in the same episode that the driver of the car was Mandy. When Karen woke up from her coma, she seemed to be suffering from irreparable brain damage. Unfortunately for Mandy, her plan backfired and she and Lip became further apart than ever.

5. Cooper’s fate


The most shocking moment in Southland is a toss up between Cooper and his partner Hank Lucero getting kidnapped by two tweaked out methheads, resulting in Lucero’s murder, and the last shot of the series where Cooper is shot by two police officers after violently beating up his neighbor (possibly killing him). Since the show was canceled by TNT, we’ll never know if Cooper survives or not, although it earned Michael Cudlitz a Best Supporting Actor win at this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards. It’s the ultimate cliffhanger.

6. Olivia is attacked


Speaking of cliffhangers, Law & Order: SVU left us on a big one. The SVU squad spent the episode trying to arrest and convict a rapist, who exposes himself to some innocent bystanders and then later proceeds to brutally rape an elderly woman who had witnessed the act. It was revealed that the rapist had a history of rape trials that always ended in his acquittal. Talk about luck. The rapist is acquitted once again in the episode due to lack of sufficient evidence after the elderly woman dies. When Olivia returns to her apartment at the end of the season finale episode, the rapist is in her apartment and he drags her off, leading the audience to wonder if Olivia will get raped or not.

7. Kira gets hit by a car


Orphan Black led us on a series of twists and turns – all very entertaining. In the season finale, we learned that the clones had all been patented, meaning they’ll never truly get the freedom they so desired. Allison’s husband was revealed to be her monitor. Allison suspected her best friend, Ainsley, and her suspicions ultimately led to Ainsley’s death via garbage disposal. When Sarah returned to Mrs. S’s apartment, she found that both Mrs. S and her daughter Kira were gone. The most shocking moment would have to be the moment where Kira goes off with Helena, a psychotic clone whose been brainwashed by a mysterious priest named Tomas. Helena decides to let Kira return home, but as Kira is crossing the street, she is struck by an oncoming car. (Don’t worry! She makes it out alive.)

8. Andrea dies


There was a lot of speculation about who would die in the season finale of The Walking Dead. It ended up being Andrea, a major character in the comic books, who learns too late that trusting The Governor was a bad move. (Not to mention The Governor completely massacres his people, save for three – Martinez, Shumpert, and Karen.) It’s shocking because most people didn’t expect Andrea to die, even though the penultimate episode left Andrea in a rather precarious position as The Governor’s hostage. Andrea’s death makes Carol the last woman standing from the original Atlanta group.

9. “Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor”


The final episode of Doctor Who’s seventh series was pretty crazy in general. Any number of events could have been considered pretty mind blowing, in the grand scheme of the show, which has been going strong for fifty years (give or take a decade or two). Things like a dying TARDIS, the answer to Clara’s Impossible Girl mystery, River Song in ghost (-ish) form and The Doctor’s grave all provided some crazy, mind-blowing surprises. However, the biggest jaw-dropper took place in the last minute, after The Doctor had jumped into his own timeline to save Clara. Inside, he came face to face with John Hurt himself, right as the words “introducing John Hurt as The Doctor” flashed across the screen. Now, fans are left speculating about the mystery man’s place in The Doctor’s past until the 50th Anniversary special on November 23.

10. Richard’s Electrocution


Shonda Rhimes has a reputation for killing off characters. Chances are, if a cast member wants to move on, then Rhimes is putting a bullet/tumor/plane part in them. This last season, just a year after a deadly plane crash that claimed several characters (and Arizona’s leg), Grey-Sloan memorial was struck by a power outage due to a large storm in Seattle. Just when it seemed like the whole cast would make it out alive, the last scene revealed that original cast had been electrocuted in the hospital basement while trying to restore power to the building. Everyone else is happy, while Richard’s life hangs in the balance -unbeknownst to anyone else.

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