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Casting “Doctor Who”: Who Should Play The Twelfth Doctor?

With Matt Smith leaving his post as The Doctor at the end of this year (Christmas shall be a sad, sad day in the UK and in the geekier parts of the US), it’s time to start thinking about who will take over the reins and join the show’s eighth series as the Twelfth Doctor. Here are some of our suggestions:

Richard Ayoade


I really like this idea. Ayoade already looks kind of kooky (I think it’s the hair/hipster glasses combo). He’s proven himself as a great comic actor via his role in The IT Crowd, so we know he’d have no problem in that area, particularly with the banter that would inevitably go down between him and Clara.

Due to his past roles, I can’t help but imagine a Doctor that dresses as a sort of trans-dimensional IT technician. He could be the first Doctor to sport a pocket protector.

Damien Molony


Dear Time Lord, how I would weep for joy if the part was given to Molony. He’s shown his versatility with his part in Being Human as Hal, the morally-conflicted OCD vampire. Based on his witty/awkward repertoire with Michael Socha and Kate Bracken – which was the highlight of series five – he’d bring a sort of fumbling old-school elegance to the role.

I could go either way on this one: Molony could either be super chic and debonair in a fancy suit, or he could go for more of a whimsical army uniform a la his turn as bloodthirsty early 1900s Hal.

Rupert Grint



The Doctor has always wanted to be a ginger, and this would finally give him the chance. There’s no denying that Grint could pull it off – although I haven’t seen him in anything outside the Harry Potter franchise, so I imagine the character following a much more aloof route than he has in the past. Plus, Grint’s recent Pilot for CBS didn’t get picked up, so I’m assuming he’s available.

I suppose it’s weird of me to wish that Grint would be the version of The Doctor that is a Potter fanboy just so that he’d dress in Gryffindor robes all the time. If not that, then he could definitely pull off a “slightly geeky college kid going out for a night on the town” look.

Matthew Lewis



I like this choice a lot more than Grint (mainly for the fact that Neville kicked ass in that final Deathly Hallows movie.) Lewis has proven he can be appropriately comedic in Harry Potter, and I have no doubt he could pull this role off. He would come off as bumbling and a bit of a mess, just long enough to make his enemies doubt his effectiveness. Then he’d whip out his Sonic Screwdriver and kick their collective alien asses.

Lewis would definitely go for a more casual look. I see a lot of handmade, out of place Christmas sweaters and cardigans with ugly patterns on them. It just feels right.

Lenora Crichlow


Although I doubt it will happen, choosing a woman for the part of The Doctor could be really interesting. Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman’s Clara Oswald were obviously heading for will-they-won’t they territory, and making Twelve female would make that dynamic pretty interesting.

We could be faced with questions that deal with gender and identity when it comes to falling in love. Would Clara be able to love The Doctor if he was suddenly a she (assuming Clara’s not bisexual to begin with)?

For some reason, if Crichlow were to get the part, I imagine her wearing a circus ringleader costume. I have no idea where the image came from, but it’s in my brain now, and it won’t go away.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett



Nathan Stewart-Jarrett would look awesome in tweed jackets and big, hipster glasses. Stewart-Jarrett is most well-known for playing former time-traveler Curtis in the superhero-esque series Misfits. So that’s something that he and The Doctor already have in common. Plus he would fit right in next to Clara.

Do you agree or disagree with our suggestions? Who do you think should play The Doctor? Leave a comment below!