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5 Reasons to Watch “Teen Wolf”

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Season 3 of MTV’s supernatural teen show – aptly named – Teen Wolf is premiering tonight. Given the network it airs on and the name of the show, you might be thinking, “this show is terrible… right? Right?!” Well, you’re wrong, because it’s actually really entertaining! Here are a couple reasons why I think you should watch it.

1. No love triangles (so far)

One of my biggest pet peeves with other teen supernatural shows (see: The Vampire Diaries) is an “epic” love triangle of some sort. While Teen Wolf does have a few burgeoning romances here and there, it never takes center stage, except for – arguably – season 1. (Season 2 is a huge improvement from season 1, by the way.)

The main couple is werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a dopey, asthmatic teen turned star lacrosse player, and new girl Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), who comes from a long line of werewolf hunters. As you would expect, this creates plenty of tension between Scott and Allison’s family. Thankfully, however, there aren’t too many angst-ridden staring contests between the young lovers.

More important than the relationship between Scott and Allison is the relationship between Scott and his best friend, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Stiles really shines in season 1, and is probably the most memorable and lovable character from that season. The other characters improved a great deal in season 2, but Stiles always held his own.

Season 3 may or may not feature a love triangle.

2. Shirtless boys

Okay, this is a shallow reason to watch Teen Wolf. But why not? Amiright? Television is all about entertainment, after all. No further explanation necessary.

3. Kickass female characters

There aren’t many female characters on Teen Wolf, an area that I think the show definitely needs to improve on. But we have Allison and Lydia as series regulars and, in season 2, we were introduced to newly-turned werewolf Erica (who – unfortunately – will not be returning for season 3). Allison kicks ass, quite literally, and sports a crossbow, bow and arrows, and various weapons. Albeit, she goes a bit crazy with the bow and arrows in season 2 (fucked up behavior runs in the family)…

Then we have Lydia. She’s been shafted in the storyline department, but in terms of characterization she’s an interesting character. She’s a certifiable genius, a trait that her own parents are unaware of because Lydia does her best to hide it. We see her being fashionable and fabulous while also translating archaic Latin into English. From what I’ve read and seen, Teen Wolf has added a slew of female characters to its lineup this upcoming season, including at least one Alpha who is a woman.

4. Non-absentee parents

What separates Teen Wolf from other teen supernatural shows is that the parents are actually involved and take on a more active role on the show. With other shows, it seems the parents always disappear whenever it’s convenient to the plot and you’re left wondering whether they’re bad parents or not for not monitoring their kid more closely.

Allison’s parents, in particular, are very dynamic characters. While Stiles’ father, the town sheriff, is left out the loop about the various supernatural goings-on in his son’s life, we see that he has a huge presence in the show and in Stiles’ life. Meanwhile, Scott’s mom found out about her son being a werewolf in season 2, which makes sense in the long-run since it’s her son we’re talking about.

5. It’s entertaining

This all goes back to my original point. Stuff happens on this show. There’s a plot, there’s action. There are supernatural creatures and villains with nefarious plans. It’s a bit darker than most teen shows (there are a few scenes that are pretty disturbing the more I think about them), but the show manages to pull off those dark themes well and with just the right amount of levity so we know the showrunners aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

Check out a preview for season 3:

Teen Wolf premieres tonight at 10/9 central on MTV!