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‘Hemlock Grove’ Episode 11 Recap: “The Price”


Christina’s hair has now gone full-on white after hearing of the deaths of her best friends, Alyssa and Alexa Sworn. When Norman Godfrey comes in to visit her, she remains unresponsive.

Norman leaves the hospital and goes straight to the town’s local bar, where Sheriff Sworn has been up all night drowning his sorrows in bottles of what I’m assuming is whiskey. Norman tries to get the Sheriff to stop drinking and come home with him, but the Sheriff’s mind is set on revenge, and his chosen target is Peter Rumancek. His logic is that “the killings didn’t happen until after the Rumanceks came to town.” Um, circumstantial evidence, much?

The Sheriff’s cop buddies are all enablers, though, so they join him on his quest for death and destruction. The mob swarms the Rumancek trailer – where Lynda Rumancek is pacing anxiously, waiting for Peter to return from his werewolf night out – and start smashing shit up as they search for Peter. Ugh, what the fuck cops, you can’t just do that! I’m worried for Lynda’s safety.

Meanwhile, back at the ruins of the steel mill, Dr. Pryce makes his triumphant return to my computer screen. Woo! I missed this creepy dude.

The bitch is back! And he is not happy that Olivia made him "take out the trash."

The bitch is back! And he is not happy that Olivia made him “take out the trash.”

He stalks angrily up to Olivia wearing a pair of thick white rubber gloves and coldly informs her that “your dogcatcher has been taken care of.” There’s only one person that term ‘dogcatcher’ could possibly be referring to. Oh shit. I really, really hope Chasseur is okay, but I know in my heart of hearts that she’s probably not.

Back at the Godfrey Mansion, Peter is safe and sound, back in his naked human form and tucked into bed with Roman watching over him like a creeper. Roman updates Peter on everything that happened and tries to apologize for not being able to save him from Chasseur in the last episode, but Peter’s not overly concerned with that – he’s worried about his mother.

Peter asks Roman to check on Lynda. When Roman gets there, the trailer has been trashed and is completely empty. I repeat, the Po-Po in this town need to stop and reevaluate their choices, because they can’t be doing this kind of shit.

Pro-tip: spell check your vandalism, cops. Y'all look so sloppy right now

Pro-tip: spell check your vandalism, cops. Y’all look so sloppy right now.

Side note: those cops apparently either carry cans of spray paint with them everywhere or they made a quick trip to Lowe’s for the express purpose of fucking the Rumanceks’ shit up, because the outside of the trailer was all graffiti’d when Roman got there. If I remember correctly, vandalism is a crime, and you can get fined and/or arrested for that – but who am I kidding, the law applies to everyone except police and rich people.

(Also these cops have terrible grammar, because the correct spelling is “you’re dead”, not “your dead”, and if you use the latter spelling my response to you is gonna be a sassy “my dead what?”)

Anyways, Roman’s about to leave when Lynda pops up from behind a trapdoor conveniently installed in the floor of the trailer and cheerfully starts packing what little belongings she has left that aren’t smashed. She refuses Roman’s offer to take her back to his place, though, and asks him to just look after Peter.

Roman calls Peter to report that Lynda is fine (she seems more hysterical than fine, though), and Peter is so overjoyed that he is overcome with a ravenous hunger.

Peter is shirtless. He's also eating a steak practically raw. But mostly he's just shirtless.

Peter is shirtless. He’s also eating a steak practically raw. But mostly he’s just shirtless.

Cue what feels like a five minute sequence of Peter cooking and eating a bloody steak for breakfast. Peter’s in the middle of tearing through the barely cooked slab of meat when Letha walks into the kitchen and they both stare awkwardly at each other – the last time they spoke, some really cruel things were said.

All seems to be forgiven, because Letha leaps into Peter’s arms, glad that he’s still alive. They kind-of-sort-of apologize to each other. Their happy reunion is interrupted when two more cops storm in and chase Peter and Letha around the house for a while before holding the two of them at gunpoint. Yep, you read that right, these cops are pointing guns at an unarmed teenage boy that they only suspect is a murderer, and an unarmed pregnant teenage girl who isn’t even a suspect.

When Letha asks Peter why the police think Peter killed all those girls, his A+ perfect response is “Cops don’t think.” This is the most accurate thing that’s been said in the entirety of this show.

Honestly, what proof do they even have of Peter killing those girls besides the insane ramblings of someone who says he's a werewolf? And how dare they point guns at my bb Letha!

Honestly, what proof do they even have of Peter killing those girls besides the insane ramblings of someone who says he’s a werewolf? And how dare they point guns at my bb Letha!

Douchebag Cop #1 shoves Letha away from Peter before roughly handcuffing the teenage boy as Douchebag Cop #2 continues to aim his gun steadily at Letha’s head. Douchebag #1’s bastardized recitation of the Miranda Rights includes a rape threat towards Peter and police brutality – and when Letha protests, he hits her so hard she falls to the ground, threatening to snap Peter’s neck right in front of her if she tries that again.

Shelley Godfrey walks in, then, having been startled by all the noise going on downstairs. She curls up in terror at the scene before her, especially when Douchebag Cop #2 turns his gun on Shelley for absolutely no other reason than that he’s a huge dick.

As though he’d sensed his sister’s distress, Roman magically appears and uses his eye contact powers to diffuse the situation and save the day. Surprisingly, he shows enough restraint to not make the cops kill themselves or each other, just orders them to drive far far away. He does tell them to punch themselves in the face hard enough to break their own noses, though, so there’s that.

Shelley's face glows blue when she's happy or frightened. This time she's definitely feeling frightened.

Shelley’s face glows blue when she’s happy or frightened. This time she’s definitely feeling frightened.

Elsewhere, Olivia and Norman talk about the Sworn girls’ untimely demises. Before Olivia leaves, Norman tells her he’s going to leave his wife for Olivia – “I mean it this time” – but though she acts pleased to Norman’s face, she has a weird expression on when she turns away from him.

A while later, Norman goes to meet up with Peter, Letha, and Roman in the cemetery outside an abandoned section of Hemlock Acres so that Norman can give Peter a safe place to stay in the coming weeks. You know, if they were going for discrete, maybe they shouldn’t have taken Roman’s car there, it being super conspicuous and recognizable and all.

Roman heads into the hospital to fetch some blankets and sheets for Peter, and runs into Christina in the halls. She says some creepy ominous shit and, predictably, disappears when Roman turns his back to her for a second.

Shrugging the odd encounter off, Roman heads back to the abandoned church where Peter’s going to be staying. Norman meets him outside carrying a tray of hospital food. They effectively break up Peter and Letha’s canoodling session when they enter, and quickly drop off their items before dragging Letha along with them and leaving Peter alone for the night.

Ooh, gore!

Ooh, gore! FINALLY.

Christina goes missing in the middle of the night, as a hysterical Sheriff Sworn discovers when he goes to visit her. In the morning, the police discover the fresh remains of a human girl by the beach. Is it Christina? Did the vargulf attack her? But wait, how is that possible if werewolves only turn once a month during the full moon?

We find out how that’s possible when Roman goes to visit Destiny Rumancek (Lynda is there too! Ah, so that’s where she disappeared to earlier on). Destiny explains to Roman that this is Peter’s fight, not Roman’s, and that if Peter wants to fight the vargulf he has to do it as a wolf. To turn into a wolf when “the moon is wrong,” they have to do a ritual to find out what price Peter must pay to access the wolfy side of him. Destiny collects the requisite materials and gives them to Roman, who delivers them to Peter.

Back at the abandoned church, Peter carries out the ritual. Step one: draw symbols on the ground in chalk and set up some nice smelling beeswax candles. Step two: SNAP THE NECK OF YOUR BELOVED PET CAT AND CARVE OUT ITS HEART. What even. Peter looks fucking traumatized, and Roman excuses himself to go vomit outside (as did half of the audience, I’m sure). The noises that the cat’s flesh made as it was being torn apart are going to be in my nightmares.

That poor cat never saw it coming.

That poor cat never saw it coming.

When he’s finished, Peter comes out with his hands all covered in blood and walks right past a shaken Roman before collapsing in the hospital’s graveyard. He flashes back to a story his grandfather Nicolae told him, then makes his decision: he’s going to stay and face the vargulf and his fears. Peter heads back to Roman and tells him that he needs a whole lot of bacon grease, and that “the price for breaking the rules is my human face.” That… that does not sound like a good thing.

Back home, Roman is cooking boatloads of bacon so he can get the grease for Peter (I hope someone’s going to eat all that bacon, because it’d be such a shame if it goes to waste). When he finishes, Olivia is waiting to give Roman a present: the same exact axe that Roman used to kill the werewolf in his coma dream. Creepy.

At Olivia’s insistence, Roman approaches a picture of a wolf painted on a mirrior and smashes it with the axe. The symbolism of this moment is wasted on me because I do not care at all for Roman’s character development or journey.

More mother/son bonding time, now over sharp ancient weapons.

More mother/son bonding time, now over sharp ancient weapons.

The final minute or so of the episode is the best bit, though, because we discover that (drum roll please) Chasseur is alive! Yay! However, she’s severely beaten up and trapped in a cage in some unknown location. Escape and then run, Chasseur, run!

Rating: C+

Memorable Quotes

Norman: But you didn’t find the vargulf?
Roman: Not yet.
Norman: And that’s because…?
Roman: Uh, I was in a coma.
Norman: Oh. Right.

Roman: You were as you’ve always been. More beautiful than this world deserves.
Shelley: I wish I could see myself [like that].

Lynda: The fires go out, the coals stay hot. If Peter doesn’t deal with this now it’ll be just around the corner for the rest of his life!
Destiny: That story sounds so much better in Romanian.