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‘Shameless’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “Civil Wrongs”

In which Jody makes a medical breakthrough

Last week’s episode left off with a big shocker (and a few smaller shockers). This week, some of the storylines are expanded upon, while others fall a little by the wayside.


At the end of the last episode, Frank (William H. Macy) had agreed to become an advocate for the gay civil rights movement. He gives another one of his strangely charismatic speeches at various fundraisers and wins over nearly everyone in the room.

And then, in classic Frank fashion, he also agrees to gay conversion therapy when he learns that he’ll be put up in an expensive suite and that women will be ‘delivered’ to him until he’s straight again.

Huddleston, the religious guy who recruits Frank, is hilarious; Frank is less so. Eventually, Abraham Paige (Bradley Whitford) catches onto what Frank is doing, and confronts him at the swanky hotel room that Huddleston bought for Frank. He then tells Frank to prove that he’s gay by buying him two male prostitutes.


Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) is thinking about going back to medical school. When he tells Fiona (Emmy Rossum) about it, she’s a little surprised but supportive, at least until she finds out he’s going to medical school in Michigan and wants her to come with him… but on the subject of Fiona bringing her kids? “Yeah, sure, if you want.”

Really bad choice of words there, Jimmy. Reaaaaal bad choice of words. Jimmy’s true, selfish colors are shining through in that scene, and Fiona’s starting to see them in all their non-glory.


Fiona is getting along swimmingly at the new office job. After a few snags and misunderstandings in the last episode, she seems to have at least made a couple friends, and she and her boss Mike (Jake McDorman) have some pretty good chemistry going on.

After she and Jimmy have that talk about Michigan, she goes to an office softball game and has a lot of fun, until Jimmy shows up and they hash it out again. Though it never really escalates to full-on-fight status, they don’t come to a real understanding, either.

Lip, Karen, and Mandy

Lip  (Jeremy Allen White) is still really shaken up by what happened to Karen (Laura Wiggins) in last week’s episode. (Mandy ran Karen over with her car in a fit of jealousy-induced rage and it was as horrifying as it was unexpected.) Mandy (Emma Greenwell) is annoyed that he cares so much about how Karen is doing.

Seems like her plan to erase that girl from their lives has backfired.

Debbie (Emma Kenney) tells Lip to stop taking Mandy for granted, and that she’s a kind and devoted person (cough cough). The impromptu speech helps Lip see Mandy in a different light – at least until he finds out Mandy was the one who sent Karen the text that got her out onto the street. He then puts two and two together and realizes what the fuck it was that Mandy did.

Lip hasn’t mentioned what he found out to Mandy yet, but I expect he will soon.


Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is still hung-up on Mickey (Noel Fisher), and goes to investigate Mickey’s wife-to-be. He discovers she’s the Russian prostitute from before. Lip gives Ian some much needed advice: he needs to go and fuck someone else for a change, and forget about Mickey. Good advice, boo, take it.

Sheila and Jody

They’ve been waiting at the hospital for Karen to wake up out of her coma ever since the accident. Sheila (Joan Cusack) is obviously very worried and heartbroken, but does her best to remain hopeful, and Jody (Zach McGowan) is there to support her (and to sing Karen hilariously bad songs trying to wake her up).

A doctor comes in to update them on Karen’s status and recommends that Sheila and Jody do things that Karen likes in order to trigger her to regain consciousness. Jody interprets that to mean “eat her out,” since Karen really, really likes sex.

And it works. Karen wakes up.

Kev and Veronica

Veronica (Shanola Hampton) is depressed because her husband and her mom have been having sex for two months, but her mom still isn’t pregnant – so in her eyes, all this trying and hoping has been for nothing.

She goes to Fiona’s to unwind, which leads to a really great moment of friendship between the two women as Fiona gives V a heart-warming pep talk.

And then we find out that V’s mom is finally pregnant! That means Kev (Steve Howey) and V have a baby on the way. The scene where V goes to Kev’s bar and tells him (and everyone else in there) that they’re going to be parents is about the sweetest thing ever, and it really brings up the otherwise extremely depressing mood the rest of the episode put me in. At least someone got a happy ending in these fifty minutes.

Rating: B

Memorable Quotes

Jody: Hey. I’m a nice guy. Patient, not usually a violent dude. But if you try to leave here one more time without telling us what’s going on in words we can understand, I will lift your tiny body over my head and throw you out the window.

Lip: Ian. My brother. You need to get out there, and fuck someone new! Okay? And someone in his early twenties, not some old dude like Kash or Ned.

Frank: I’m gay! I’m completely, one hundred percent, gay.
Abraham: Good. Now you’re gonna prove it. Boys? [The boys take off their pants] …I like to watch.

Doctor: So when you say you went down…
Jody: I went down, and I went to town. I chowed down on her like I was drinking from a cup of ambrosia. And she came! She came to. You got to get the word out! I found the cure to comas!

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