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Shameless 3×08 “Where There’s A Will” Recap

The Cousin Patrick Problem


In last week’s episode, the family discovered that Frank’s cousin Patrick filed Aunt Ginger’s will, stating that she was leaving the house where the Gallagher clan reside to Patrick instead of Fiona. In this episode, Fiona and the family struggle with keeping their house. Meanwhile, Jimmy shows his utter incompetence at making coffee and Sheila finds out Karen’s secret.


While Jody is in recovery – after falling back into his sex addicted habits last week, Sheila (Joan Cusack) signs the family up for a support group for families dealing with Down’s syndrome. However, she also ends up joining an organization calling themselves “Retard Nation” who make it their mission to reclaim the r-word.

She makes a total fool of herself, and Mrs. Woo demands that Sheila quit otherwise she’s not allowed to see Hymie. Sheila agrees. Mrs. Woo also reveals that it was Karen (Laura Wiggins) who contacted her and told her that Sheila’s house was not a good environment to raise Hymie.

Sheila is devastated by this news and confronts Karen, who admits that she made the phone call – but only because she missed Sheila so much and that everything was so much better before Hymie came into the picture. We’re not sure if Karen is telling the truth here.

She also manipulates her way back into Lip’s life, in this episode, and the two end up having sex after Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Mandy’s relationship self-destructs.

Veronica and Kevin


Veronica (Shanola Hampton) is disturbed by the fact that her mother seems to be enjoying sex with Kevin (Steve Howey) a little too much. She begins to dress nicer and even puts on a Bruno Mars song during intercourse. She wants to orgasm, claiming she read in Cosmo that orgasms make it more likely to conceive.

Veronica wants to approach the matter from a strictly scientific standpoint – so no orgasms – but Carol (Vanessa Bell Calloway) tells her that she can’t work like that. It culminates with Veronica interrupting their baby-making session and Carol quitting, telling Veronica that she’ll need to figure something else out if she wants to have a baby with Kevin.

Later, Kevin gets a text message from Carol telling him that she’s lonely and that he should call her. When Veronica asks who the message is from, Kevin lies and tells her it’s a co-worker.


With Karen back and Hymie gone, Sheila tells Frank (William H. Macy) that he’ll need to find somewhere else to live. By luck, at his court-mandated AA meeting, Frank is approached by Christopher (Christian Clemenson) who is so impressed by Frank that he asks him to be his sponsor. Of course, it’s all a lie because Frank hasn’t been sober even two minutes – no less two whole years.

Initially Frank declines, but when he discovers that he’d be living with Christopher – meaning he’ll have a place to stay – he quickly takes him up on the offer. However, Frank is disturbed by some of Christopher’s strange behaviors and some of the bar patrons tell him that Christopher is probably a psychopath who’s planning on killing Frank. It also turns out that Christopher lied about being an alcoholic the whole time. He wants companionship.

Freaked out, Frank leaves, but then Christopher reveals that – while he might be a little too clingy – he isn’t a psychopath and he isn’t interested in having sex with Frank. Frank is relieved, forgives Christopher, and the two go back to Christopher’s place.

The Gallaghers


Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and the kids have to figure out what to do about Cousin Patrick so they can keep their home. One of their many options include bargaining with Patrick, contesting the will, or killing him.

After Patrick reveals himself to be particularly stubborn and resolute in keeping the house, the kids devise a plan with Mandy (Emma Greenwell) to send her brothers after Patrick to scare him so that he’ll give up the house. Fiona reluctantly agrees, but also plans on getting with drunk Veronica right after because beating someone up doesn’t sit right with her.

The Milkovich brothers show up at Patrick’s, but he beats one brother down. Mickey pulls out a gun but then Patrick’s wife shows up from behind with a shotgun. So, with Patrick and wife driving The Milkovichs away, the Gallaghers are back to square one.

Fiona even attempts to sweet-talk Patrick and asks if he’s willing to rent the house to her, but the rent is too expensive.

Eventually, Carl puts rat poison in Patrick’s sandwich in order to kill him and Patrick gets so sick that he has to be taken to the hospital. After Carl tells Veronica what he did, Veronica tells Fiona and they have a family sit-down. Fiona is visibly distraught that Carl attempted to murder Patrick and explains to him why it was wrong and that he should never attempt something like that again.

Patrick ends up surviving, and he shows up to the court hearing where the Gallaghers attempt to contest the will. The Gallaghers lose and Fiona is ready to give up, and rent a house in a worse-off neighborhood. Patrick sends the police to throw The Gallaghers out that night, when suddenly Debbie shows up claiming that Patrick “touched” her.

Debbie’s plan works. The police handcuff Patrick and they’re about to arrest him when Fiona makes her deal – that Patrick will rent the house to her for $500 a month, no deposit, and that she gets a fifty-year lease. Patrick agrees and the Gallaghers finally get their house back.

All the while, Steve is struggling with working at these menial jobs while making very little money doing it. He runs into his old college friend who invites him out to a group hang-out at a restaurant. He has Beto drive him there, and he has a good time. When he returns to the house, he discovers that Fiona has won back the house. By the look on his face, he’s not nearly as thrilled as everyone else.

It was a pretty lackluster episode, overall. Next week looks to be more promising.

Rating: B-

Memorable Quotes

Veronica: So is Lip getting serious about Mandy Skankovich?
Mandy: [enters the room] Nice.
Veronica: Oh, shit, Mandy, I’m sorry. You know I never woulda said that to your face.
[Mandy leaves]
Veronica: Should I apologize or leave? …Imma leave.

Carl: Option 4: kill Patrick. Why skip an option?
Veronica: The whole life in prison thing, sweetheart.
Fiona: I realize you’ve had sketchy parental role models, okay? But as your newly appointed guardian, can we agree that offing people is not cool? Can we get on the same page with that?

Veronica: She just needs to screw Kev, and not enjoy it. That’s not unreasonable.
Fiona: It’s what every daughter wants from her mother.

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