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The 6 Best-Dressed Women on TV

Fashionable and Fabulous

I’m far from what you would call a “fashion maven” – an expert on all things beauty, make-up, and clothes -, so I won’t be applying for a job at Vogue or starting a YouTube channel dedicated to the topic any time soon.

But what I do know in regards to fashion is whether or not I find something to be visually appealing, which is how it goes for most people as well. I’ve never been to a runway show or met with designers and had an in-depth discussion on the meaning of ‘haute couture’.

Most of my knowledge comes from what I see on my television screen and what beauty bloggers tell me – though it takes some time to sort through the rubbish before getting to the genuinely good, smart stuff.

This past year (I’m counting 2012) has had a diverse array of female characters. In terms of wardrobe, the following is what stuck out to me the most…


Retro 80’s Glam Girl (Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries)


The Carries Diaries is a more glamorized portrayal of the 1980’s than something like FX’s The Americans, another show that takes place in the 80’s. Think magical realism (sort of). Somehow this show has managed to transform leg warmers and shoulder pads into something hip and cool. Fashion is a huge component of the show; it’s what defines time periods, after all. I mean, you can’t have a show set in the 80’s without shoulder pads, just like you can’t have a show set in the Victorian era without big, frilly dresses and tight corsets.

Teenage Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) pulls it off fabulously. I love the bright colors and various prints and patterns. It’s obviously more whimsical than realistic, but I’m fine with that. And it’s not just the clothes, but the accessories as well that I love. Check out Carrie’s handbag from the Pilot episode.

Crime & Fashion (Joan Watson in Elementary)


My dear Watson… what pretty clothes you have.

Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) in Elementary can be seen in lots of grey, along with muted blacks and blues. But she does it oh so well. Watson’s style can best be characterized as cute and girly, but also sophisticated. What I especially love about Joan’s style is how it exists within the context of the show. Helping the police fight crime and her current status as a budding detective doesn’t stop her from wearing frilly skirts and being feminine. Her outfits contrast well with Sherlock’s more haphazardly thrown together ones, just like the two characters and their opposing personalities pair well on the show. (Seriously, their chemistry is amazing.)

Gothic Chic (Chloe in Don’t Trust the B)


The eponymous “bitch” of Apartment 23 tends to wear a lot of black, which shows off actress Krysten Ritter’s slim figure. Yet, the mostly-black wardrobe never goes into full-blown Gothic territory. Sometimes she’ll add a pop of red, a color that radiates sex and flirtation, and there’s no shortage of that in Chloe’s life.

Meanwhile, roommate June favors bright colors and has a more girlish, cheerier style overall. For both Chloe and June, their wardrobe embodies their statuses as the respective “bad girl” and “good girl” on the show. Unfortunately, Don’t Trust the B was recently axed by ABC due to low ratings. Here’s hoping they release the rest of the episodes sometime soon.

Fairy Tale Fashionistas (Snow White, The Evil Queen, Mulan, and Aurora in Once Upon A Time)


Last year, Once Upon A Time was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Costumes for a Series. They lost out to Game of Thrones and it’s not to say that the HBO fantasy series doesn’t have an amazing costume department (because it does), but Once Upon A Time does a really good job with it as well. The show may be lacking in other areas, but they always deliver when it comes to the costumes.

The Evil Queen, in particular, has had some very noteworthy outfits (as seen in the flashbacks). There’s been some with very interesting-looking collars and we saw how she went from wearing white and light colors to choosing darker colors as she became more and more evil. This season, I’m especially in love with Mulan’s armor. I hope to see more of her (Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in upcoming episodes.

As for Storybrooke, however, I’m a little tired of seeing Emma in that red leather jacket (does she ever take it off or wash it?) even though I guess it’s become somewhat iconic of her character.

D.C. Couture (Olivia Pope in Scandal)


Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is a professional “fixer” in the hit ABC show Scandal. Her attire is appropriate to her job – professional-looking outfits, usually suits, and lots of pastels. But it never comes across as boring. It’s sophisticated and classy and it embodies the Washington D.C. political atmosphere. Office jobs on Scandal aren’t the typical, boring office jobs you see in real life or on other shows. There are a few occasions where Olivia can be seen in something other than business-wear. We especially loved the dress she wore for President Grant’s 50th birthday gala (top right).

Honorable Mention (Allison Argent in Teen Wolf)


Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) is easily overshadowed by some of the male characters on Teen Wolf and her style may be a little understated, but she always looks good and I personally love the way her character has been developing. Accessories include a supernatural, werewolf (ex) boyfriend, plenty of bows and arrows in her arsenal, and a willingness to kick ass if need be.

Who do you think is the most fashionable, best-dressed character on TV? Comment below.