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Sadistik’s “Flowers For My Father”


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a humongous, humongous fan of Sadistik’s work. His debut solo album, The Balancing Act, is among my favorites of all time, and I’ve been greedily devouring everything he’s put out ever since. Now five years after The Balancing Act was released, Sadistik is dropping his second album tomorrow, February 19th.

Cody Foster – more well known by his hip-hop moniker of Sadistik – wrote the album after his father’s tragic passing and named it Flowers For My Father. The songs I’ve heard so far are nothing short of inspiring, and range from a number of topics including love, depression, friendship, home, and finding oneself. Below are a few of my favorites:

Russian Roulette (featuring Cage and Yes Alexander)

Described by Sadistik himself as a song “about a girl who hurts herself to get your attention”, the second song on the album is a collaboration between himself, fellow rapper Cage, and singer Yes Alexander. The lyrics are thought provoking, with a dark and eerie backing track tying the words together.

City in Amber (featuring Lotte Kestner)

I’ve actually heard these verses before, in a song that Sadistik was featured on named “Savior Self“. But this track has a completely different sound, and the addition of Lotte Kestner’s dreamy voice turns it into a mesmerizing story of home.


A tribute to the late Micheal Larsen, also known as hip-hop artist Eyedea. The song comes across as a conversation between Sadistik and his friend, and the raw emotion behind the lyrics and moving melody gives this song a real sense of beauty.

If the above songs are any indication of the quality of the rest of the record, Flowers For My Father is definitely going to be an addition to my list of favorite albums. I’m majorly looking forward to listening to the full work tomorrow.

You can pick it up (and his other music, because you should get all of it) for yourself at the links below.