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Creepiest Movie Villains of the Past 2 Years

calvin candie

In our countdown to the Oscars, which airs this Sunday on ABC, we’ve picked our favorite movie villains of 2012. None of the actors (and actress) who play them are nominated for Academy Awards this year, but we still want to give them some recognition.

Calvin Candie, Django Unchained
Say what you will about Quentin Tarantino, but he has a knack for creating some very impressionable movie villains — Calvin Candie being the most recent example. The character wouldn’t have been complete without Leonardo DiCaprio to hold the reins, either. He gave one of the best performances of his career in Django Unchained. One minute he’s gracing the main characters with Southern hospitality and charm, the next he’s smearing blood all over Kerry Washington’s face. The biggest shocker is that DiCaprio wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award for this performance.

Silva, Skyfall
Javier Bardem played a bad guy in the Coen brothers film No Country For Old Men, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. The bad guy he plays in Skyfall is a bit different, but no less haunting and downright scary. From his entrance in which he talks about cannibalistic rats to his semi-seduction of James Bond in the very same scene, Silva gave an unforgettable first impression. And the scene where Silva reunites with his old mentor, M, and shows her exactly the kind of person he’s become (literally – with his teeth) leaves you feeling extremely creeped out.

Alex, Chronicle
In Chronicle, Andrew is a teenage outcast who can always be seen carrying around his video camera, which he uses to document his life – including when his abusive step-dad comes to beat him up. Everything changes after he, his cousin Matt (Alex Russell), and popular kid Steve (Michael B. Jordan) stumble upon mysterious glowing crystals. After a series of mishaps, which culminates with his mother’s death, Andrew finally explodes and uses his newfound superhero powers to hurt people.

Pauline, Excision
Hands down, this was the creepiest movie character to come out of 2012. AnnaLynne McCord is perhaps most known for playing Beverly Hills spoiled rich girl Naomi Clark in The CW’s low-rated 90210. In Excision, the actress showcases her versatility and the fact that she’s clearly destined for greater things than what 90210 has to offer. McCord is virtually unrecognizable as the demented and delusional Pauline.

Loki, The Avengers
There’s a reason Loki was chosen to be the Big Bad that the newly assembled team of superheros in The Avengers had to face. Tom Hiddleston completely owns that role. Among the three blockbuster superhero movies that came out last year, The Avengers probably had the best villain. The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man was the weakest part about the movie and, aside from that ridiculous voice, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was completely overhyped.

Cid, Looper
He might not technically be a villain (although there’s an alternative future where he grows up to be one) but this kid definitely gave us the creeps. After all, he does murder someone – and in a very gruesome manner – during the course of the film. The switch the actor makes between Adorable Sweetie Pie to Demon Child is instantaneous and fascinating to watch. Props to Pierce Gagnon for pulling it off beautifully.